Celebrate Love With a Love Text for Him & Her!

You can use our anonymous text service as an April Fool’s Day text prank. But you can also use this service for something a bit sweeter. We all know someone we love and care about, whether they realize it or not. Send an anonymous love text and make someone’s day!

Celebrate Love With a Love Text for Him & Her!

What is love?

When we think of love we usually think of butterflies (in our belly), endless gossip or talk sessions with our friends, manly escapades in a club and of course Kate and Leo in a loving stance on the bow of the Titanic. Love is romance; love is that deep sigh of relief when you fall into each others’ arms. Heights and depths.

But love is much more than that. Love is the appreciation you feel towards your parents, who are always there for you. Even when you don’t deserve it. Or that loving, caring aura you feel for granny and grandfather, when they (again) tell you about the old days. It may not seem so at this very moment, but treasure these times as they are important.

Believe it or not: love even passes over to your annoying brother or sister. You may not feel it right now, but you will. Really.

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With Anonymoustext.co.nz you’re absolutely sure your love text arrives on time and stays completely anonymous. Whether it’s your secret crush, your best friend or your grandma, love deserves to be celebrated. So, start typing!

Do you already know who you want to surprise with a caring message?

It’s simple:

  • Go to our anonymous text page to compose your message.
  • Enter the mobile phone number of the recipient to start. Double-check the green checkmark, this confirms the number is correct.
  • Choose one of the ‘fake’ names handles from the list. Or just pick ‘anonymous’.
  • Press ‘send’ and your anonymous love message is delivered within seconds.
  • Do you prefer to send your message at another time? Then select the desired time, and we’ll guarantee swift delivery.
  • You receive a notification that your message is sent and delivered successfully.

This one goes out to the one you love

Shy for inspiration? No worries! We’ll share a few examples just for you. Copy, paste and send. That’s how easy it is to show someone how much you love them!


Dear mother and father. Sorry for my bold words the other day. I’m trying, but I’m sure you know how teenagers can be… Please don’t forget that I love you guys!
Hello sis! I know we often have words with one another and would want to kill each other. Which is fine I guess because that’s just how it is for brothers and sisters. Despite all that, I really like you as a family. A little. Sometimes. Well you know what I’m saying!
Dear grandma. Thank you kindly for the delicious cookies and stories from the past. I’ll come by soon to catch up! Love, …
Dear kids, we’re so glad you are our children! Even when you’re late, bang the doors in an angry mood en scream (or sing) at what you guys call music nowadays. Even we were young so we get it. And we love you lots, xxx mom and dad.


Hellloooo BFF! Guess who? I’m super glad we’re still able to laugh, talk and drink together after all these years. Let’s hang out again soon. Already up for it! Bye bye xxx
Yo dude, wanna meet up for beer soon? Thanks for being there for me the other day. You’re my mate, thanks.

Secret love

Hello. Maybe you know who I am… or maybe you don’t. But I want to tell you I really like you. Tomorrow at city hall at the regular time?
I’ve been seeing you every Friday night at the gym the last couple of weeks. And every time I’m starstruck all weekend because I can’t stop thinking about you afterward. Want to have drinks next Friday?

In need of more inspiration? Then check out our best romantic texts article as well!

About us

There are few things better than sending a declaration of love, of course. With our excellent anonymous text service, your messages are in good hands. We make sure your messages are delivered swiftly and securely. This makes us the most-used anonymous text service in New Zealand.

Benefits of our service

  • Your identity remains anonymous guaranteed. We handle your personal info with the greatest care and share it with no one. Every message, info and data is removed automatically after some time from our systems.
  • Delivery and payment are easy. Every love text costs $2.49, and you can pay with credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.
  • You will receive a confirmation when your message is delivered at the recipient.
  • You can use our service on iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop. With a maximum of 1,224 characters, you’ll have enough space to craft any message you desire.

Want to know more about sending anonymous texts? Head over to our explanation article. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions love text

How do you express love in a text message?

A text message is an original and fun way to show your love to a person. But what is the best way to do that? What do you send to someone? Here is some inspiration.

  1. Emojis: with emojis, you can express yourself in just a few words and in a fun way that you find someone special. Send sweet emojis to your crush or lover. For example, one of these options: ❤️ 💘 💖 🥰 😍.
  2. A sweet and personal message: think of a special memory or a characteristic of the person you are in love with. For example, "I am in love with your eyes, I drown in them every day" or "Your smile makes my eyes twinkle".
  3. Love quote: send a romantic love quote to express your feelings in an original way. A few examples:
I don't want to be happy with anyone else... Only with you.
The most beautiful place on earth is in your arms.
I fell for you for a reason. There is no one like you.
With you, I know for sure. You are the love of my life.
I hate not being with you.

How do you make someone feel special over text?

The essence of making someone feel special is that your SMS is sweet and preferably, of course, original. A few suggestions for putting this into practice.

  1. A sweet message: send a text message in which you complement the other person and express your happiness. For example: "I am so happy to have you in my life".
  2. Share a memory: create a message in which you share a beautiful memory. This is a very personal way to show that you are thinking of someone and that they are special to you.
  3. A funny message: send a text message with a cute, funny text to make the recipient laugh or cheer them up. This lets someone know you are thinking of them.

That way, you send a personalized message that is sure to put a smile on the recipient's face, with the bonus of feeling special inside.

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