Terms of Service

These terms of service provide the guidelines for the users when using this service. These guidelines apply to all who want to use the various text message services on the website Anonymoustext.co.nz. By using this website, you unconditionally accept these terms.

Anonymoustext.co.nz reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time. Anonymoustext.co.nz is not accountable to its users for these changes.

A summary of our terms and conditions is available on this page. Our full terms and conditions can be consulted in Dutch in this PDF file. By using this website you agree that you have read and accepted our full terms and conditions.

  1. Anonymoustext.co.nz can not be held liable in any way for damages suffered by the services we offer.
  2. Anonymoustext.co.nz is not responsible for the text messages sent through the website. Each user is personally responsible for the text messages he or she sends.
  3. Users shall refrain from sending text messages containing racist, discriminatory and all types of inflammatory texts. If this occurs Anonymoustext.co.nz will be forced to abstain these users of our services.
  4. Anonymoustext.co.nz is entitled to view messages. This is for the purposes of checking for incorrect and defamatory text messages.
  5. The IP address of all users will be saved. Anonymoustext.co.nz reserves the right to exclude users from the website who abuse the system. Also, user data will be transferred to the police / justice if required.
  6. Anonymoustext.co.nz does not provide any guarantee the text message will actually arrive. Of course we will try our best, but sometimes texts do not arrive by causes beyond our control. If a text message has not arrived, please contact us. We will provide a suitable solution.

Anonymoustext.co.nz is not a subscription service. Sending a text costs $ 2.00 per message. The recipient of the text message will not be charged.

If you are under 16 years old you must ask permission from your parents to use this service. The rates listed on this website include VAT, the costs for mobile internet are not included. There is no right of withdrawal for the costs of sending a digital text message.