How to Block Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

Need to block your phone number when making a call? Read our easy guidelines for Android and iPhone and learn all about the *67 and #31# codes!

How to Block Your Phone Number on Android and iPhone

You don’t need to reveal your phone number to everyone you call. That’s a choice you can make for yourself. Whether you’re trying to reach someone anonymously or trying to get rid of unwanted private phone calls from companies or stalkers, we can provide you with all the tips and tricks you need.

How to block your number when calling?

There can be multiple reasons to hide your phone number before placing a call. Perhaps you’re trying to surprise someone, or you’re trying to reach a company that you’d rather not be in touch with after you’ve spoken to them. When you hide your number, you can avoid future calls finding their way back to you.

Another possible reason is that you’ve been blocked yourself. Without stimulating stalking behavior, you can resort to hiding your phone number so that your call reaches the person you’re trying to talk to.

Nowadays, most phones come with a Caller ID blocking feature you can find in Settings. This feature allows you to turn your Caller ID on or off, so you’re able to call anonymously if that’s what you want to do. When you use this option, your number appears as ‘Private Number’ or ‘No Caller ID’ on the other end of the line. This way, the receiver has no idea who’s trying to reach them.

But there are more ways to keep your phone number hidden, such as the good, old *67 and #31# codes. Find out how to block your Caller ID on Android or iPhone and how to use the blocking code below!

How to block your number on iPhone?

If you own an iPhone, you can automatically block your number by changing one simple setting.

Follow these steps to block your phone number on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap Phone
  3. Press Show My Caller ID
  4. Use the toggle switch to show or hide your number

It’s as simple as that. From now on, your number will be hidden for every call you make. Tired of calling anonymously? Just use the toggle switch to show your number again.

How to block your number on Android?

Hiding your number on Android takes a bit more steps, but it’s still pretty straightforward.

Follow these steps to block your number on Android:

  1. Open the Phone app
  2. Open the Menu
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Call settings
  5. Click on Additional settings
  6. Click on Caller ID
  7. Choose ‘Hide number’

This way, your Caller ID is perfectly hidden whenever you’re placing a call. Select ‘Show number’ if you want to turn the blocking option off again. Your phone number is visible again for the receivers of your call.

Does *67 still work?

If you want to make a single anonymous call, there’s no need to dive deep into your settings and change your Caller ID. Entering *67 at the start of the phone number you’re trying to reach is just as effective. This trick has been around for a while and still performs its magic every single time.

The steps are failproof and straightforward:

  1. Open the Phone app on your phone
  2. Type *67 and then enter the rest of the number normally
  3. Place the call

Your phone number will appear as private on the recipient’s end. Using this code is completely free, by the way. However, it can be time-consuming because you have to enter the code every time you try and make an anonymous phone call. That’s why it’s best served for singular use.

In most countries *67, #31#, and *31* work. You can try these first, but there are several countries that use other codes. If you want to use this method to stop your number from appearing on the recipient’s phone, you have to find the code that works in your specific country.

Luckily, we’ve listed most countries and corresponding codes that you can use to hide your Caller ID for you below.

Austria#31# or *31#
Brazil#31# or *31#
Canada#31# or *67
Czech Republic#31# or *31#
Finland#31# or *31#
Germany#31# or *31#
Hong Kong133
Hungary#31# or *31#
Netherlands#31# or *31*
New Zealand*67 (Vodafone)
0197 (Telecom or Spark)
Norway#31# or *31#
Poland#31# or *31#
Portugal#31# or *31#
Romania#31# or *31#
South Korea*23 or *23#
Ukraine#31# or *31#
United Kingdom141
United States*67 (all carriers except AT&T)
#31# (AT&T)
Other countriesUse code #31#

Can a *67 call be traced?

Using a method to block your number doesn’t mean your phone call cannot be traced back to you. The phone company and authorities are always able to track down your phone number. Subsequently, your Caller ID is only blocked to the user answering your phone call.

That’s a good thing, of course. People trying to stalk, harass or harm other people would otherwise never be revealed or prosecuted if they’re overstepping the law.

Solution 1: Dial *69 to call back

If you’re being flooded with scam and spam calls, you’re probably looking for a way to identify your harassers. After all, it’s pretty annoying receiving all these unknown calls when you’re simultaneously expecting an important phone call. From a client or a company for which you’ve had a job interview, for example. These companies often use a hidden phone number as well, which makes it hard to determine if you’re being pestered or called for an amazing offer.

Fortunately, there is a trick to find out who’s calling you from an unknown or blocked number. Easiest one? Just dial *69. This will place a call to the phone number of the last call you received, even when it’s a hidden phone call.

Solution 2: Perform a call trace

Another method is performing a call trace. This works for most carriers in the United States, including AT&T, and goes a little further than *69. To start a call trace dial *57. It will perform a trace, and when successful, you will hear a confirmation tone.

Write down the date and time and inform the police of the harassing call. Pass the information you’re given straight along to the police. They will be able to continue investigating the origin of the unwanted calls. This method is useful when you’re being harassed because the authorities can locate the perpetrator more easily.

Don’t use this method after just one anonymous phone call. This number is only meant for situations in which you’re being stalked and harassed.

Do you want to use *69 or *57? Then be prepared for some extra fees from your phone carrier. Also, check if your carrier provides these services because not all companies do.

Can you block *67 calls?

If someone or some company is bothering you using *67 calls, you can block them on your phone. Android and iPhone use different methods, but the outcome is the same: no more anonymous spam calls or stalking creeps trying to harass you with repetitive phone calls.

How to block private number calls on your Android?

  1. Tap the Phone app on your phone, usually at the bottom of your home screen
  2. Tap the three dots at the top of the Phone app screen
  3. Tap Settings in the dropdown menu
  4. Tap Block Numbers
  5. Toggle the button beside Block Unknown Callers to green

How to block private numbers on iPhone?

Ever since iOS 13 was released for iPhone, you can also easily block private numbers without a Caller ID.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to the Phone app
  3. Scroll down to Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts
  4. Enable Silence Unknown Callers

How to send an anonymous text

Of course, this is all very nice if you want to put a stop to those annoying nuisance calls. But what if you just want to pull a prank on one of your friends? Or if you don’t want the receiver of your phone call knowing your phone number? Seeing that a lot of people are tired of spamming, they often decide not to answer anonymous calls anymore.

Fortunately, there is always one option left if you’re not getting anywhere with a hidden phone number: sending an anonymous text message!

When you opt for our service, you’re in for the easiest text treat available. Just go to our website, text your message and choose your preferred sender name from a list of phone numbers. Don’t forget to enter the country code in front of the actual phone number. You can send your message right away or select a later date and time. Either way, your message will be sent safely and completely anonymous.

Send a text message
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