International Texting: Safe, Fast, and Anonymous!

Want to send an international text message? Sure! Need to worry about rising phone bills? Not anymore. Luckily, there are numerous ways of sending text messages to any number worldwide without paying too much. Read all about the best ways to send an international text anonymously!

How to Send International Texts Safely, Fast & Anonymous

Anonymous international text messages

Were you thinking of sending an anonymous text to your friends or family and have a bit of prankster fun? Sounds like a plan to us! Especially if you’re abroad, there are loads of hilarious jokes to pull on your unexpected victims. After all, it’s not as if anybody’s capable of checking up on you physically, seeing as you’re somewhere else.

But there could be other reasons for wanting to send a text to someone without your phone number showing up at the other end. You might have a crush on your holiday lover but aren’t quite sure if the feeling is mutual. Better not dive in too deep too fast! Or, in an extreme example, you might have seen something bad while on holiday and wish to report that activity without revealing your identity.

Whatever the reason for wanting to text anonymously, please put it to good use. Don’t use it for any illegal or disrupting activities; that’s not what it’s meant for.

How to send anonymous international text messages? Use our service!

When you opt for our service, you’re in for the easiest text treat available. Sending messages to foreign countries is just as easy as sending them locally. And it’s just as safe and quick as well.

Send your anonymous text now

You go to our website, compose your message, and choose your preferred sender name from a list of phone numbers. Don’t forget to enter the country code in front of the actual phone number. You can send your message right away or select a later date and time. Either way, your message will be sent safely and completely anonymous.

Our service works for almost all countries. You just need to type in the country code, and it will automatically deliver the SMS.

What’s more, there are no additional costs because you’re texting internationally. So, do you want to send a text message to France, India, or Guatemala? Go right ahead: our site and a whopping maximum of 1224 characters to create your message are waiting for you!

How to send an international text message?

The act of sending an international text message is easy. You simply use your carrier data roaming plan, type the countries’ exit code in combination with the cell number you want to text, write your message, and press send.

Tip! Always make sure that phone numbers in your phone are saved with their correct country code, so you’ll have no problem texting to the number wherever you are.

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between domestic and international text messages. When you’re sending an international text message, you’ll need to first type in the country code before entering the phone number you’re trying to text. When sending a text message to a telephone number within your own country or region, such codes are unnecessary. But they won’t cause any harm either.

There are still loads of travelers who return home from holiday, only to discover that their phone bill has skyrocketed through the roof. They don’t realize that texting abroad can set you back quite some money.

Want to make the whole process a lot cheaper? Then try internet-based texting. There are many free messaging apps around so that you can send your messages at no cost. Of course, this only works when you have access to the internet.

iMessage for iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? Then you can contact your fellow iPhone users by using iMessage. You can send messages but also attachments like videos and photos at no extra cost. Your iPhone will determine whether your message can be sent as an SMS or an iMessage, depending on your internet connection and the receiver’s phone, which should be an iPhone as well.

Downsides? You can’t contact Android users for free unless when included in your carrier plan. Plus, iPhone users won’t receive your text message until they connect to the internet themselves.

Messaging services for Android

If you’re an Android user, you can choose from several web-based messaging services to send text messages to mobile numbers all over the planet.

Like Globfone, which lets you share files and make video calls. However, you are limited to a maximum of calls and texts you can make within 24 hours. You don’t have to register or create an account to send your texts.

Frequently asked questions about international texting

Can you text internationally for free?

It depends on what kind of app or service you use. If you are talking about international text messaging, as in an SMS, you can't send a text for free, as you pay costs to the provider of this service. These costs vary between 0.25 and 0.50 cents.

If you want to avoid these fees, you can use other apps to send messages via your phone. WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger are good alternatives.

If you prefer to send an (anonymous) text message to anyone in the world and want to do it at low costs, you can also send a message via this website.

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