Sending a text to a blocked number? Here's how to do it!

Has an individual blocked you but you still want to get in touch? We've got four tested suggestions that'll allow you to text a blocked number.

Sending a text to a blocked number? Here's how to do it!

Can you send a text message to a blocked number?

If you try to send a text message to a phone number that has blocked you, the message will not be delivered. The tricky part is that it is not always clear whether you have been blocked or if there is another issue, such as with the recipient's network or phone.

When you try to send a text message to a blocked number, the message can only be delivered without a block in place. So, you can send a text message to a blocked number, but it will only be delivered if the block is lifted.

Tips for sending a message to someone who has blocked you

A text message block is not the end of the world. There are plenty of other ways to stay in touch with the people who are important to you.

Tip 1: use iMessage if you have an iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can send iMessage messages using your email address. Go to your iPhone's settings and select ‘Messages’ > ‘Send & Receive’ > ‘Start conversations from’ > ‘Your Apple ID email address’. This way, you can send a message via iMessage to the person who has blocked you.

Unfortunately, the trick of sending messages from your email does not work for Android users. With an Android phone, it is more difficult to contact someone who has blocked you. Fortunately, there are other ways.

Tip 2: consider using a different phone number

When your text messages are being blocked, it's time to get creative! Consider using a different phone number, such as a prepaid SIM card or a trusted friend's phone. This gives you a second chance to get in touch with the person you're trying to reach.

Tip 3: social media as a lifesaver

No need to worry if your text messages are being blocked, because social media is your lifesaver. Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram all make it possible to chat again, share photos, or even do a video call.

Why worry about that one blocked text message when there are so many other options? But what if you're also blocked on social media? Don't worry; you can bypass this blockade as well.

Simply ask a mutual friend or family member to start a group chat with you and the person who blocked you. This will lift the block, and you'll be reconnected!

Tip 4: send (anonymous) text messages online

Discover an anonymous way to stay in touch! With the ability to send an anonymous text message online, you never have to worry about blocked numbers again. You can stay in touch with the people who matter to you anytime, anywhere.

And there's even another advantage. You have the freedom to choose whether to reveal your identity. So what are you waiting for? Send an anonymous text message now.

How to tell if someone has blocked your number?

If you suspect someone has blocked your number, it can be a real downer. But before you panic, it's important to do a little investigation first. Follow these simple steps to check if your number is blocked from sending text messages.

Step 1: call check

You're on a mission, and you get right to work. Call the person you suspect has blocked your phone number using your own number. Do you hear only one beep and get forwarded directly to voicemail? Or do you hear no beep at all and go straight to voicemail? Then something might be up.

But don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Sometimes people are simply offline. So wait a bit before drawing any conclusions because everything might be fine!

Step 2: anonymous call check

Ready to unleash your inner detective? On to step 2. Try calling anonymously with 'the suspect'.

Wait and listen carefully. If the phone rings more than once before going to voicemail, there's a good chance your number is indeed blocked.

Step 3: message check

On to the next step in your 'blocked' mission! Now it's time to send a text message to that person. And what do we want to see? Exactly, a delivery confirmation!

If you get that confirmation, you don't have to worry, and there's nothing wrong. But if you don't get a confirmation or receive an error message, there's a good chance you are blocked. Don't see it as the end of the world because you can still take other steps.

Step 4: number switch check

Ready for the final step? Here we go! Time to experiment with another number. Ask a friend to send a message to your suspect and check if it gets delivered.

If the message from your own number is not delivered, but the message from your friend is, then there's a high probability that you are blocked. Now you know for sure, and you can decide what to do about it.

Important considerations for sending text messages to a blocked number

Points to remember when trying to contact someone who has blocked your number.

  • Respect the boundaries and privacy of others: nobody likes pushy people!
  • Be decent and polite, no matter how you choose to contact them: it's important not to make the situation worse and to maintain a respectful distance.
  • Sometimes it's just time to move on: if someone has made it clear they don't want contact anymore, respect that wish and move on.
  • Privacy and safety are important: protecting yourself and others from unwanted messages or calls. If someone continues to harass you, you have the right to refuse contact and block them.

So if you feel the urge to contact someone while your number is blocked from text messages, remember these considerations and act respectfully. And if it's not working (anymore) between you, it's time to move on and make new connections!

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