The Ultimate Prank? An April Fools’ Text Message!

Are you a professional prankster or a bit of a newbie? Don’t worry, pranking is easy! And it’s even easier when you’re using your cell phone. You know, that thing you’re probably joined at the hip with anyways. In this article, we tell you all about anonymous text pranking. So buckle up and get in the game, because April Fools’ is coming!

Pranking Made Easy: The Ultimate April Fools' Text Pranks

What is April Fools?

April Fools is the holy day for pranksters and it has been ever since the Romans decided they wanted a bit of a laugh during all that conquering.

Or whatever, we actually don’t know why they started this hilarious tradition; we just know they sort of did when they started this festival called Hilaria where people used to dress up and mock their fellow citizens. The festival took place around the end of March and celebrated the equinox.

But a lot has changed since then and nowadays we have all this modern technology to help us pull the ultimate prank on our unexpecting friends and family. Like the aforementioned phone!

What is an April Fools text prank?

There’s a lot to be said for using your cell phone and texting your devious prank. Need some persuasion? Here goes!

  • Element of surprise: on the first of April, people are usually a bit on their toes, suspicious of everything and everyone around them. They expect you to put salt in the coffee, lay a huge fake spider in their beds, or attach an airhorn to their office chairs. While the results are probably hilarious, you can take your level of prankster genius further by using a text. Especially if you’re texting anonymously and they have no way of identifying if it’s you and if it’s real.
  • No straight face: because you’re on the other end of the line, there’s no need to keep a straight face during your prank. So what if you’re not gifted with a bona fide poker face? Or if you have no idea how to put on a solid act? Nobody’s there to reveal your true identity, which makes deception super easy.
  • You can take your time: the great thing about text pranks is you can really drag them out. An air horn or fart pillow is pretty straightforward and these jokes pass by pretty fast. Like a gush of wind, if you will. But a text prank can go on forever and ever: if you have your heart set on driving your prank victim insane, that is. It also asks more of your ingenuity, so it’s a great way to let your creativity run loose for a while!
  • Things can get crazy: the level of craziness you can reach with a well-played text prank is pretty amazing. Things can get downright absurd before anyone realizes they’re actually getting messed with. Free tip? Go in slow and start innocently. Then work your way up to full-scale madness!
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How to send an anonymous text prank on April Fools’ Day

If you have no idea how to anonymously text prank someone, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the whole operation. Below you find a step-by-step instruction for you to deliver the ultimate stunt.

Do you already know the ins and outs of the process of text pranking? Then be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll find some of the funniest and sometimes cruelest pranks around. All for your entertainment and inspiration!

But first: our manual for sending an anonymous text message!

  1. Go to our homepage, fill in the telephone number of your victim and create your text message. Always check if the green check icon is visible to make sure the number is correct.
  2. Are you done writing your prank? Then choose a fake sender name from the list of senders and simply click ‘send’. Your April Fools’ message will be delivered within seconds!
  3. Would you rather have your message delivered at another time? Sure! While another date may be a bit weird for an April Fools’ prank, another time is perfectly fine. Just select the desired time and your text will be queued and delivered whenever you want.
  4. You’ll always receive a confirmation when your text is successfully delivered. And the best thing is, you can send as many text pranks as you want. Good to know if you’re a bit of a sadist!

April Fools’ Day texts pranks

In case you’re in desperate need of some inspiration, we’ve collected some brilliant text pranks for you. Have fun and be inspired!

1. The pregnancy/wedding/eloped-text

These are classics, but still good fun! You can shock the hell out of your boyfriend, or one-time-lover, by telling him you’ve just done a pregnancy test and, surprise, it’s positive! Or text your parents that you don’t want to upset them, but you and your boy- or girlfriend have just eloped to be married within a few hours! For example:

Hi, I know we haven’t spoken for these last couple of weeks, but I’m afraid we really do need to speak now. I’ve just done a pregnancy test and it’s positive :(
Hi, my sweet oldies! I love you with all my heart, and I don’t want to shock you, but Jim and I just took the car to city hall...where we’ll be married in half an hour!

2. The vague text

Basically, you send your victim a terribly vague message, something about the money they owe you or that thing they said the other night, which, in hand sight, you found insulting. The trick is not to text too much, just let them guess and keep asking themselves what could be wrong. For example:

Hi, I don’t want to whine or sob like a little baby, but I’m really upset with what you said last time we saw each other. I think it’s best to keep our distance for a while.
Hi, good to know we’re not the friends I thought we were. Otherwise, you wouldn’t speak that way behind my back. Thanks.
Hi! What do you reckon, when will I get the money you owe me?

3. Endless facts

Pretend to be a service offering facts about whatever you find amusing. Then dive deep into your catalog, or Google, and text message the weirdest facts and figures you can find. If you’re really dedicated, you make sure the facts are somehow funnily connected to your victim. Whatever you do, don’t let the stream of messages stop: the receiver will surely go nuts with frustration after a while — which is funny.

It’s a bit like that epic cat prank on Reddit a few years back. Check it out for some inspiration!

4. House disaster

Think of something terrible that could have happened at your home, then text all your friends a desperate message. Let’s see who feels the urge to scoot right over and help you. The first one there gets a beer!

I’m serious, can you please come over as quickly as you can! I’m not quite sure what happened, and I sure as hell can’t tell you over a text, but I need your help. Like right now!

5. Apologize text

Nothing stirs up more confusion than an apology for no apparent reason. Text your boy- or girlfriend a message that simply reads: ‘I’m sorry, I just had to do it’ or ‘I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself’ or ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you’ and let the fun develop from thereon. Again: don’t say too much, keep your victim in the dark for as long as possible!

Tip no.1: Be dedicated to your prank and make sure you’ve thought it all the way through. How do you react to a response and stop yourself from giving the prank away, for instance? Have a variety of smart responses ready, just in case.

Tip no.2: Think about who your text message is going to. Are you sure they’ll be okay with your prank? Best not to give your granny a heart attack with a prank disguised as some devastating news.

In need of more brilliant pranks? Be sure to check more April fools' text ideas, where you can read more about text pranking on April Fools’ day!

6. April Fools pranks for parents

Want to prank your kids on April Fools' day? A few examples you can work with.

  1. Prove that you can't keep up with technology as a parent. Send your child a question by SMS after school. But instead of doing this in just one message, you now send every word in a separate SMS. Your child will probably hate your clumsiness.
  2. Send your children an SMS informing them that they will receive a new tablet later today. Mysterious. If they bring it up at home, you keep your mouth shut. Just before going to sleep, give them a present to unwrap. A dishwasher tablet.
  3. One more classic April fools' prank for parents is to piss your kid off a bit. Send an (anonymous) SMS that your child has a chance to win a meet & greet with idol X. If your child sends a video of him/her dancing to the music of the artist (as father or mother) can send it in.

For many parents who are up for a prank, April 1st is a highlight of the year. Make sure the jokes stay within the heart rate peak remains limited. And oh, don't forget to pay attention on this day yourself.

7. April Fools texts pranks for your girlfriend

Do you want to prank your girlfriend, but you don't know how? We've already done some thinking for you. Check out this example and use it, or put your own spin on it and pull a good April Fools' text message prank on your girlfriend. Send her one of the following text message pranks:

Our administration shows that you have not yet paid your order of €221.00. We would like to receive this within 3 days in the known bank account. The next step is we send bailiffs.
Due to a malfunction at (provider X), we have to switch off the internet for a day. You can not use Wi-Fi. Thank you for your understanding.
Good news! We have found a suitable sperm donor for you, whose profile meets your wishes. Contact the hospital to make an appointment for insertion.

Inspired? Then get started right away, create and send your text message to your girlfriend and the waiting (and laughing) can begin.

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