Signs of Cheating, and What to Do Next?

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly seeing the partner of a friend. Holding hands with someone else and even sharing a passionate kiss with this stranger. Shocker? Yes, absolutely. But what to do next? We have a slick and smart solution: send an anonymous text to expose the cheater. After all, wouldn’t you want to know if your partner was having an affair?

8 Proven Signs of Cheating of Your Wife or Husband

General signs of cheating

Let’s first talk about the person who’s presumably being cheated on. Yes, you. The fact that you’re receiving an anonymous text message claiming your partner is cheating on you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. So before you jump to all sorts of conclusions, it could be wise to start a little investigation of your own. Think back over the last couple of weeks or months. Were there any changes in your partner’s behavior?

Apart from staying late at work or dropping a colleague’s or friends’ name a little too often, we’ve listed some other typical signs someone is cheating for you below.

1. More attention to appearance

People who cheat also tend to pay more attention to their appearance. While it’s a nice thought that these new clothes, extra make-up, and trips to the beauty salon or gym are all for you, the other scenario is that your partner is trying to impress his or her lover with a new, flashy look.

After all, one of the first signs of cheating is a partner that suddenly starts to dress better and make more of an effort when it comes to appearance. Another tell-tale sign? A new cologne or perfume. So be sure to sniff his or her neck and be very wary if your sloppy partner starts strutting around like a beauty queen or a smooth Adonis. And remember: if your suspicions are peaked, there’s probably something worth investigating going on.

2. Changed phone behavior

People who cheat tend to adopt different behaviorisms around their phones. Often they get extremely protective of their phone and even hide the thing under their pillow when they go to bed. Sometimes they change their passwords or keep their phone silent all the time. You can also notice them retreating to another room every time the phone rings. And while most people’s phones are a jungle of old text messages, people who cheat keep their text history squeaky clean.

The reason? They are probably using their phone to communicate with their lover and don’t want their partners to find out. Every phone call or bleeping text message could be their secret affair on the other end, something which they obviously don’t want their partners to find out.

So pay attention to how possessive your partner is of his or her cell phone. Especially if you’ve just received an anonymous text about cheating, it’s time to seriously start eavesdropping every moment your partner takes the phone in another room. Or, better yet, seize every unguarded moment to grab that phone and search it for any proof of this alleged affair. Because if all the red flags are there, there’s probably something fishy going on. And you should trust your gut feeling.

Signs your wife is cheating

While we may perceive cheating as a male thing to do, the truth is women are catching up big time in the field of adultery. So have you received an anonymous text of someone warning you that your girlfriend or wife is fooling around? Try and think of times when her behavior seemed suspicious to you. Here are some tell-tale signs of women being unfaithful.

1. Less sharing

Women who cheat close themselves off of their relationships. They share less and less about their lives and tend to give you the silent treatment a lot. Which is weird for men, who are generally used to a girlfriend or wife who wants to talk and share. A lot. Sharing is a sign of closeness, so if your partner doesn’t want to share anymore, it could indicate that there’s a disconnection in your relationship. Especially if your partner dreams away all the time and is vague about her whereabouts and activities during the day, evening or night.

2. You’re the friend, not the lover

When your wife or girlfriend becomes less flirty, bodily, and intimate with you, that’s a definite sign something is wrong. Perhaps she’s going through some emotionally rough patch, but she could also feel inflicted because of her feelings for her lover. Which makes her push you away, into the dreaded friendzone. Also, pay attention to pet names. Do you always call each other babe, sweety, or whatever pet name you’ve come up with? And does she suddenly stop calling you that and is annoyed when you do? That should raise some red flags.

3. Change in online behavior

A completely scrubbed and cleansed social media account is never a good sign. Alarm bells should start blaring when your wife or girlfriend has erased all happy pictures of the two of you from her social media account and replaced them with flashy, beautiful pictures of herself. Alone. Has she changed her relationship status to ‘single’? Okay, guess she threw subtlety out of the window altogether!

Signs your husband is cheating

A lot of women worry about infidelity, but it can be difficult to determine whether your partner is up to no good or you’re just being suspicious. However, even the canniest man leaves traces behind if he’s being unfaithful. And we’re just not talking about the obvious ones, like smudges of lipstick on a collar line or smelling like cheap perfume. We’ve listed some of the tell-tale signs below.

1. Emotionally detached

If your partner’s attitude towards you changes, this may be a sign that there’s some serious infidelity going on. Like when he’s becoming more self-absorbed and less interested in you and your life. His fading interest in you, and the relationship you both share, could also show in angry outbursts or annoyed reactions to everything you do or say.

2. Avoiding social events

Men who are being unfaithful often retreat from their families. They don’t just drawback emotionally, they also seem to be less at home. They avoid family time, work late at the office or say they need to spend more time alone or with friends. In reality, they’re spending their time with your competition: whether it’s in person, on the phone, or online.

3. No more touching

If your husband or boyfriend is having an affair, you’ll often notice a shift in the level of affection he shows towards you. For example, he doesn’t give you a kiss when he leaves home, he doesn’t touch you as much as he used to do and he doesn’t seem the least bit interested in sex anymore. Of course, these changes could also be caused by personal issues or stress at work, but when there’s no explanation whatsoever for his unaffectionate behavior… it’s time to take that anonymous text message seriously.

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How to anonymously tell someone their partner is cheating

So now we’ve established what people should be aware of when it comes to cheating partners. But what if these people are blissfully unaware and you’re the one who catches their partner being unfaithful?

Tell or don’t tell?

Live and let live, you could say. And don’t put your nose where it doesn’t belong. But what if the situation were reversed? And it’s your partner snogging someone else’s head off and someone you know bearing witness to it all? Exactly, you would want them to tell you right away!

Because it can be tricky to be the bearer of bad news, you could think of other ways to still tell the person who’s being cheated on without revealing your identity. How? With an anonymous text message.

Send your anonymous text now

Expose a cheater with an anonymous text message!

Exposing a cheater anonymously is easy if you use our anonymous text message service. All you have to do is go to our site, write your message, choose a fictitious name from our list of fake senders, and press send. Your identity will remain anonymous, which means no one can trace your message back to you. And your message will be sent directly unless you want to choose a certain date and time yourself.

Not sure what to write in your message? It’s always smart to include information that allows the faithful partner to validate that his or her partner is cheating. So do you know the name of the new love interest of your friend’s partner? Then be sure to include that name in your message.

For example:

‘I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but your partner is cheating on you with…’
‘Your husband is cheating on you. Search his phone for any messages from Olivia.’
‘I just saw your wife kissing a guy when she left work. They seem to both work at the same building.’

Hopefully, when you're being cheated upon, you don't contract an accidental STD from the cheating person. If you suspect an STD for some unfortunate reason, you can use our tell your partner service to ask anyone to get tested.

Act responsibly

When you want to expose a cheater, it’s always sensible to think first and act later. Because there are some matters to consider. For example, is the person being cheated on a good friend of yours? And are you sure you know everything there is to know about their relationship? If that’s the case, we would consider it your duty to tell your friend about the infidelity.

But what if it’s a relative stranger you saw being cheated on? There could be a number of personal and complicated reasons why the cheater is cheating, all of which you don’t know anything about. And telling about the infidelity could in some cases do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important you really know the persons and circumstances involved. Otherwise, it would indeed be best not to stick your nose in. Even if you mean well, you could end up hurting somebody.

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Frequently asked questions about signs of cheating

What are the characteristics of a cheater?

There are no specific characteristics or behaviors that every cheater has. However, there are characteristics that are often associated with cheating. We have listed a few common behaviors for you:

  1. Suspicious phone use: your partner won't let you look at his/her phone (anymore). Moreover, the phone is glued to his/her hand, and you don't get a chance to take a look. This often means that your partner has something to hide.
  2. More attention to appearance: he or she is more concerned than ever with appearance. The right clothes, how the hair looks, thinking hard about the choice of shoes. And is the hair also suddenly always 'on point' everywhere and different than usual? Yes? Your partner is now on the suspect list.
  3. More me time: is your partner seeking for more me time? Are you drifting more and more apart to your own islands? This is also a typical signal. When attention to each other reduces, it may mean that another person is now occupying this place.

Do you spot one or more of these signs of cheating and want to investigate it further? You can send an anonymous text message or have someone else investigate the cheating. In either case, sending an anonymous text message can be a useful tool.

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