Text abbreviations: do you know them all?

What are text abbreviations and how to use them? After reading this article, you'll be able to sprinkle text abbreviations into your messages!

Text abbreviations: do you know them all?

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Do you also thrive on fast communication through chat or text? With clear yet concise language in a text or chat conversation, you can quickly send a message without fussing over punctuation.

But sometimes you may wonder: where did all the vowels go? Or what does this mean? Let's start at the beginning, because what are text abbreviations exactly? After that, we'll give you some inspiration for different situations.

What are text abbreviations?

You know how annoying it is to type out complete words in text messages. It's slow and cumbersome. Text abbreviations or chat abbreviations save you time.

They're nothing more than words, phrases, or shortcuts used to communicate rapidly through online channels like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram. Ideal for when you're in a hurry or don't feel like typing long messages.

Using text abbreviations

Text abbreviations are shortcuts for words, existing abbreviations, or phrases, which allow you to get to the point faster and easier.

You can use them to quickly chat or text with your friends, family, or colleagues. However, remember that using abbreviations in formal or business situations may be unprofessional and confusing.

Some tips:

  • Use abbreviations only in informal situations.
  • Avoid using too many abbreviations in one message. Otherwise, you'll be sending puzzles that the recipient will have to decipher.
  • Make sure the person you're texting is familiar with the meaning of the abbreviation.

For example, it's okay to use ‘FYI’ in a chat or email to a colleague, but it's best not to say to your boss: ‘IDK where the next meeting is, BTW’.

Try using these popular text abbreviations, and you'll see that your chat conversations will become much more fun and faster (if the person on the other end understands you, though).

LOL: Laugh Out Loud

BRB: Be Right Back

FYI: For Your Information

OMG: Oh My God

BTW: By The Way

TTYL: Talk To You Later

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

THX: Thanks

IDK: I Don't Know

NP: No Problem

Most used text abbreviations

For many young people, using text abbreviations is second nature. Whether they're LOLing, texting their BFFs, or rushing to an appointment ASAP, abbreviations make their lives much easier.

And when they're F2F with their friends and want to make an impression, they simply throw in some abbreviations. Now you can join in too with these most used text abbreviations:

2moro: Tomorrow

2nite: Tonight

B4: Before

BFF: Best Friends Forever

F2F: Face To Face

IMO: In My Opinion

J/K: Just Kidding

L8R: Later

M8: Mate

ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing

SRY: Sorry

THNQ: Thank You

U: You

W8: Wait

WTH: What The Heck

XLNT: Excellent

Y: Why

ZZZ: Sleeping or Bored

Business text abbreviations

Although text abbreviations can be convenient for quick and efficient communication, it is important to remember that they are not always appropriate in business or formal situations. The use of abbreviations can come across as unprofessional or be misunderstood by your boss or customers.

Therefore, use the examples below only for internal communication with your colleagues.

EOM: End Of Message

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

FYI: For Your Information

OOO: Out Of Office

TBD: To Be Determined

Text abbreviations for social media

Social media is a powerful medium to connect with others. Whether you're posting personal or professional messages, using abbreviations and hashtags can help you effectively and efficiently convey your message.

With this set of abbreviations and hashtags, you can take your social media game to the next level:

DM: Direct Message

RT: Retweet

IG: Instagram

FB: Facebook

TBT: Throwback Thursday

1000XXS: A Thousand apologies

BT4Y: Be There For You

$: Shy

CYA: See You Later

IRL: In Real Life

SMH: Shaking My Head

WAF: We Are Friends

WYW: Whatever You Want

W/: With

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

XOXO: Hugs and kisses

SMS abbreviations for games

As a gamer, you naturally want to communicate quickly with fellow players, which is why there are of course also text abbreviations for gaming.

GG (Good Game) is one of the most commonly used abbreviations in the gaming community. It is often used to show respect to fellow players after the end of a game.

AFK (Away From Keyboard) is another abbreviation that is often used when you need to step away from the computer while playing. Below are more popular examples of text abbreviations or chat abbreviations.

BRB: Be Right Back An abbreviation is used to indicate that you are stepping away but will be back soon.

DPS: Damage Per Second A text abbreviation that is used to indicate a character’s damage output in a game.

NPC: Non-Player Character This abbreviation is used to refer to a character that is controlled by the game, as opposed to a player.

PvP: Player versus Player An abbreviation that is used to indicate that a battle is taking place between two players.

PvE: Player versus Environment Indicates that the challenge of a game lies mainly in overcoming computer-controlled opponents.

OP: Overpowered An abbreviation, used to indicate that a character or weapon is too strong in relation to other characters or guns in the game.

Romantic text abbreviations

Imagine your beloved has a busy day at work. You want to send a quick pick-me-up to let them know you're thinking of them. With a simple ‘ILU’ or ‘XOXO’ in your message, you can put a smile on their face even if you're not physically together. So these can definitely be successful in your love text.

Here are some more abbreviations you can use:

ILU: I Love You

XOXO: Hugs and Kisses

<3: Heart

BAE: Before Anyone Else

ILYSM: I Love You So Much

SWAK: Sealed With A Kiss

BFFL: Best Friends For Life

Ready to send your first text abbreviation?

Depending on what you want to use text abbreviations for, there are many options. For more formal language, like at work, you use different abbreviations than with your friends or in the gaming circuit.

Learn the abbreviations you like or will need frequently, and fire them off via text or chat to your friends, family, or partner.

TTYL! (Talk To You Later!)

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